Water Restoration Process

Water Restoration Process

By Moshe Farache

In the indoor environment, water is the single most destructive substance in the long-term. Flooding or excess moisture can cause personal property and structures to deteriorate rapidly. When you delay clean-up services, the problem becomes more severe. If restoration can begin within the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the damage, there is a reduction in the restoration costs. Even when the damage looks severe, restoration and cleanup can bring amazing results.

Water damage restoration requires a professional company who has the training needed to do the job right. Water extraction is the first step, and high-powered wet/dry vacuums and pumps get rid of all excess water from your home. Carpeting, furniture, and other items need to be removed from the area so they can be dried and cleaned. Some items may be too damaged to repair, so the company should dispose of these for you.

Structural drying is the next step in the restoration process. Heavy-duty fans are strategically placed around the area for optimal drying. The technicians monitor the area and make sure it is drying thoroughly, moving the fans when needed to help the process along.

Cleaning the area and preventing mold is next. Special mold deterrents and cleaners are used. All areas are entirely cleaned and sanitized with special cleaning agents. These keep mold from growing and removes any odors.

Restoration is the last step. It could mean rebuilding walls or floor, repairing the floor, painting, or re-tiling. This list does not necessarily include everything, as every home’s restoration process varies. The restoration process is where everything comes together, and your home is brought back to its state of pre-loss.

Do not forget that time is of the essence when water damage cleanup is needed. The sooner you start the process, the less risk there is to your home and your health. Plus, consider the savings to your bank account. The more time passes, the higher the cost to repair the damages is. Standing water can also draw insects.

Never try to attempt water damage cleanup on your own. Let the professionals handle it for you. Just given them a call and leave the rest to them! Read more at http://www.servproazusacovina.com/mold-remediation

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