Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricane Preparation Tips

By Moshe Farache

When weather officials inform the public that a hurricane is in the making, it’s important for you to know what course of action to take to prepare yourself. By utilizing sound preparation tips, you can prevent yourself and your loved ones from experiencing extreme stress and health hazards. Learn more about how to prepare for a hurricane by reviewing these proven tips:

1. Ensure that your insurance coverage reflects your home’s current state. Also, consider the value of investing in flood insurance. Typically, homeowner’s insurance does not include provisions for flood damage.

2. Do a home inventory. This strategy can help you save time by making it simpler for you to file a claim with your insurance company.

3. Perform regular maintenance work on your landscaping. This ensures that damaged and diseased tree limbs do not become hazards when storm winds strike.

4. Include basic survival items in your supply kit. Some of the items that should be included are:
• a week’s supply of water
• a manual can opener
• essential medicines
• toilet paper, toothpaste, and toothbrush
• a change of clothing
• eating utensils, paper towels, and hand sanitizer
• battery-powered flashlight
• first-aid kit
• sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets
• two coolers (for ice and food)
• insect repellant
• items for the elderly and infantsevacuation route

5. Develop an evacuation plan to prevent stress. If you don’t have transportation, make plans with family members or friends. Don’t forget to make plans for your pets.

6. Gather together all of your important papers so you can take them with you. Some examples of significant documentation include:
• Driver’s license
• Social security card
• Proof of residence (utility bills, lease, and deed)
• Insurance policies (wind, flood, auto, and home)
• Marriage certificates
• Birth certificates
• Stocks and bond certificates
• Copies, deeds, and wills
• Recent tax returns
• Personal checkbooks
• Unpaid bills

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Hurricanes can pose profound problems for homeowners. However, utilizing the hurricane preparation tips outlined above can help you limit the negative consequences the natural disaster has on your property. In the event that your home is subjected to a hurricane, it is important to know that hiring a storm damage restoration company to clean up and remediate your living space is important and advantageous. They have extensive industry experience to get your home back to its original state.