How Unmitigated Smoke Damage Can Affect Your Health In Florida Homes And Businesses

By Moshe Farache

Smoke residue seems as if it contains only oily, greasy materials. The odor often gives its presence away to those who might not know about the fire that caused it, but this odor also means that the smoke residue is steady, albeit slowly, disintegrating, ending back in the air. The heat and humidity in Florida can increase the rate of disintegration, making mitigation crucial toward achieving your goal of clearing the air.

Because smoke residue contains more than just oily substances and other liquids, but actual particles that come in extremely sharp, although tiny sizes, the disintegration of smoke residue can cause health problems for many people. When specific materials burn, such as rubber tires or certain plastics, these particles can contain caustic chemicals. Not only can they cut the airways and other respiratory organs’ surfaces, but some of them can harm your health in other ways.

Many medical professionals pinpoint exposure to smoke residue as a possible cause of cancer. Not only can this affect the lungs, but the skin can also fall victim to the harshness of smoke particles. While this might not include cancer, premature aging often occurs when the environment becomes harsher than usual.

To remove smoke particles and the residue they come from, professionals rely on three primary methods. Two of these methods include machines that produce gases that eliminate the smoke particles’ ability to stay in the air long enough to do any harm, including cause your property to smell bad. Smoke damage mitigations professionals can use ozone in temporarily vacant locations.

The presence of animals, plants, or damp carpeting should call for the other method, which involves hydroxyl-generating machinery. It is much safer to use this gas in those situations, as it does not adversely affect pets, plants, or stain and discolor carpeting that may still contain moisture from cleaning.

Often used in situations where other efforts failed or only provided partial success, thermal fogging produces a thick fog which, because of the force that propels it outward, it imitates the way the smoke traveled within your property. This method provides deeper penetration because of the forcefulness of the fog, as well as the temperature difference between it and the treated area.

Protecting your family or employees from the possible health effects of smoke damage and the particles that bring back memories of the fire is as simple as calling a smoke damage mitigation team to restore your property to its former condition.


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